Q-Group Sydney Monthly Lunch Series - Are Active Multi-Managers Still Needed?

26 Jun 2019

Simon Elimelakh


RedOak Beer Cafe
201 Clarence St, Sydney

Additional notes: Simon has extensive experience working in the active multi-manager space and has noted that in recent times, active multi-manager investments in listed equity has come "under attack" from (at least) 4 directions:

1) Better returns on private equity/property/infrastructure with less risk,

2) Underperformance of active versus passive,

3) Underperformance of active versus Smart Beta, and

4) Multi-managers have lower tracking errors (or active share) but charge you higher fees.

In this discussion, Simon will address all four directions of attack, and then discuss why it may still make sense to invest with an active multi-manager. We will then open the table to hear other attendees opinions on this (very) relevant topic.

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