RiskLab - Q Group Seminar Melbourne - Behavioural insights for financial decision-making

28 May 2019

Dr Andrew Reeson (CSIRO Data61)


Data61 Demonstration Lab
710 Collins Street, Docklands, Melbourne

You are invited to attend a seminar “Behavioural insights for financial decision-making” given by Dr Andrew Reeson (CSIRO Data61), at 5pm Tuesday 28 May 2019, at Data61 Demonstration Lab (710 Collins Street, Docklands) in Melbourne.


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Agenda: Tuesday 28 May 2019

5:00pm Pre-drinks and food

5:30pm Seminar starts

6:30pm Networking


Individuals have an increasing range of choices, and responsibilities, for managing their own financial affairs. As human decision-makers we are boundedly rational at best, and most of us have limited experience of, or interest in, financial decisions. In this seminar we will review key behavioural biases which may impact financial decision-making, such as time-inconsistent preferences and the annuity puzzle. We will discuss some of Data61’s research into this area, including engagement with superannuation, drawdown decision-making and perceptions of automated financial advice. Further opportunities for applying data-driven behavioural insights to support those making these decisions will be considered.


Dr Andrew Reeson is a principal research scientist in CSIRO’s Data61 with 15 years of experience in behavioural economics and econometric modelling. Past highlights include an invited review of behavioural economics for the Henry Tax Review, establishing an innovative prediction market for water forecasting and designing market-based incentives for environmental policy. His current interests include modelling the potential impact of technology on and future skills demand. He also leads research on market design, information economics, behavioural economics and superannuation drawdown behaviour.


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